Mapuche Anti-colonial Politics and Chile’s Social Uprising

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This essay examines milestones in the life history of one subject, Mauricio Lepin, and his involvement in the Chilean social uprising. By exploring the encounter of his trajectory with the uprising, the essay reveals under-explored dimensions of the anti-colonial character of this critical event in Chile’s history of the present. Lepin’s case shows the entanglement of a long history of dispossession and resistance of the Mapuche people with a biographical story of social marginalization, political exclusion, and economic precariousness, shared with large majorities of Mapuche and non-Mapuche youth. It concludes by analyzing how through the uprising Lepin appears before himself as an actor among a multitude in struggle by putting into action the plural right to appear and the self-determination of a sovereign people.


Mapuche Anti-colonial Politics and Chile’s Social Uprising

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Duke University Press

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